Download - Skillet - Rise [Deluxe Edition] 2013

segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2013

Skillet - Rise [Deluxe Edition] 2013
Baixar Skillet - Rise [Deluxe Edition] 2013
Download Skillet - Rise [Deluxe Edition] 2013

# Faixas  

Sick Of It.mp3
Good To Be Alive.mp3
Not Gonna Die.mp3
Circus For A Psycho.mp3
American Noise.mp3
Madness In Me.mp3
Fire And Fury.mp3
My Religion.mp3
Hard To Find.mp3
What I Believe.mp3
Battle Cry [Bonus Track].mp3
Everything Goes Black [Bonus Track].mp3
Freakshow [Bonus Track].mp3

Whispers In the Dark [Live] [Video]
Comatose [Live] [Video]
Awake and Alive [Live] [Video]
Those Nights [Live] [Video]
Hero [Live] [Video]
The Last Night [Live] [Video]
Lucy [Live] [Video]
Monster [Live] [Video]
Rebirthing [Live] [Video]

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